Hello my name is

Matthew Hall.

I am a Multidisciplinary Designer that has been working in Cape Town South Africa for the past 6 years.

About me

Currently I am working as a UI Designer on a Product Team. Collaboratively I help ideate features and bring them to life using proven product design principles. I would like to be involved in more user centered design projects. Below are some of the projects I have worked on.


Made with over

Smart Colour

Product Design/ User Interface

A conceptual AI tool that would suggest colour palettes based on styles related to the image. You would also be able to quickly generate palettes according to selected colours.

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Project Mockup

Nona Creative


Responsive Web Design / UI Design

VMS is a world-first device and formula that is used when performing hip replacement operations by Orthopedic Surgeons. These tools are used to reduce the margin of error in performing hip replacement operations and, in so doing, reduce the risk of litigation by patients as a result of such errors.

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Dribbble Designs

Daily UI Challenges

Product Design/ User Interface

Various conceptual and work related projects I have enjoyed working on. Explore my dribbble account to find similar projects.

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Dribbble projects

My Skills

What I

Education/ Experience

I have studied Html/Css, Web Design and UX Design. Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of digital products from websites, apps to social media.

Design Thinking Process

A proven process that I have enjoyed following that helps teams collaborate to create awesome digital products. Below are some of the steps involved in validating the end product with users.



Visual Design




Design Tools

How I create my designs.

Some of my prefered design tools that I have found helpful in creating wireframe, showing micro interactions, validating prototypes or for simple collaboration.

Sketch App

Principles for Mac



Contact Details

Say “HI”

Currently I am available for contract or full-time employment.

Resume available on request, mattkombo@gmail.com

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